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Our SE Asian Journey by numbers 11.06.2013
Perfect Pandas 11.06.2013
The ancient art of tea drinking 11.06.2013
Chengdu, China - The Final Blog 10.06.2013
Vivid Gentians in Shangri-La 05.06.2013
Shangri-La, China 05.06.2013
The Beer of China (or the Yunnan province) 05.06.2013
Majestic Meili Snow Mountains 31.05.2013
Feilai (near Deqin), China 31.05.2013
The picturesque town of Cizhong 29.05.2013
Cizhong, China 29.05.2013
Glorious Yangtze Valley 27.05.2013
Tacheng, China 27.05.2013
Super cute snub nosed monkeys! 27.05.2013
Amazing 1000 Tortoise Mountain 27.05.2013
Jo on her Naxi tourist trekking pony 24.05.2013
George and his Burmese Polo pony 24.05.2013
A very long way up... 24.05.2013
Lijiang, China 24.05.2013
Trekking through Tiger Leaping Gorge 22.05.2013
Alpen advert anyone? 20.05.2013
Walking in the Gong Shan 19.05.2013
Erin and a newly rebuilt Dali gate 19.05.2013
George on his pony in Dali 19.05.2013
George's photo of the Gong Shan mountains 19.05.2013
Dali, China 19.05.2013
View from our breakfast table 18.05.2013
Dilapidated British Consulate 15.05.2013
British Consulate after WW2 bombing 15.05.2013
Very approximate location of George's grave! 15.05.2013
Well-fed in Tengchong 15.05.2013
Tengchong, China 15.05.2013
Tengchong Youth Hostel (nicer than it sounds) 13.05.2013
Tengchong Youth Hostel (nicer than it sounds) 13.05.2013
Kunming, China 13.05.2013
Late night shopping in Kunming 13.05.2013
Chiang Mai & Bangkok, Thailand 10.05.2013
We've made it to China! 10.05.2013
Chinese visas at last! 09.05.2013
Setting fire to things in Chiang Mai 07.05.2013
More tasty Thai dishes (not too burnt) 07.05.2013
Never ending temples in Thailand (Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai) 06.05.2013
Yangon, Myanmar & Bangkok, Thailand 05.05.2013
The three beer brands of Myanmar 04.05.2013
The beer of Myanmar 04.05.2013
Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe), Myanmar 01.05.2013
Helen makes a cheroot 01.05.2013
Sheltering from the sun on Inle Lake 01.05.2013
Jo with the lovely Nan 01.05.2013
Thousands of stupas at Kakku 01.05.2013
Tea shop snacks 27.04.2013
Teak monastery in Mandalay 27.04.2013
Longest teak bridge in the world 27.04.2013
Mandalay, Myanmar 27.04.2013
Awesome temples of Bagan 22.04.2013
Shewdagon Pagoda 22.04.2013
Bagan, Myanmar 22.04.2013
George Forrest letters 21.04.2013
Yangon, Myanmar 20.04.2013
Not exactly roughing it in Yangon 17.04.2013
Sunset river cruise - Wat Chai Wattanaram 15.04.2013
Ayuthaya, Thailand 15.04.2013
Sending love from Ko Lanta 13.04.2013
Fire Poi on the beach 13.04.2013
Bangkok & Ko Lanta, Thailand 13.04.2013
Massive water fight for Thai New Year 12.04.2013
Looking serious for Uncle Ho 31.03.2013
Hanoi street food, pigeon, delicious! 31.03.2013
A celebratory Easter beer in Bangkok 31.03.2013
Hanoi, Vietnam 31.03.2013
The Beer in Vietnam 31.03.2013
A boring picture of diacetyl-laced bia hoi 31.03.2013
Saigon beers (green is my favourite) 31.03.2013
Market shopping in Hue 27.03.2013
Nice legs Alvin! Ready to cook 27.03.2013
Nina's Hue feast 27.03.2013
Hue, Vietnam 27.03.2013
Ferocious 6-armed god at the Imperial City, Hue 24.03.2013
Hoi An, Vietnam 24.03.2013
Learning to grow Vietnamese herbs, the traditional way 24.03.2013
Hoi An lantern shop, beautiful! 20.03.2013
Hanging out in the paddy fields 19.03.2013
YMCAing in the sea at Hoi An 19.03.2013
St Paddy's day in Hoi An 17.03.2013
Helen, Viet Cong Ninja of the rice fields 17.03.2013
Gorgeous scenery on the Ho Chi Minh Trail 17.03.2013
Guides, girls and motorbikes 17.03.2013
Awesome beef and okra BBQ 17.03.2013
King Cong naps on a tea bush 17.03.2013
Mairead harvests rice 17.03.2013
Dalat to Hoi An, Vietnam 17.03.2013
Kissing the happy Buddha 13.03.2013
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 13.03.2013
Chilling on the daytime 'sleeper' bus to Dalat 11.03.2013
Hanging out with Uncle Ho in Saigon 09.03.2013
Ha Tien & Phu Quoc island, Vietnam 07.03.2013
Communal table at Freedomland 07.03.2013
The elusive Phnom Penh beer 06.03.2013
The Beer in Cambodia 06.03.2013
Very busy beach on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam 04.03.2013
Jo slurping noodles in Vietnam 04.03.2013
Jo perfects synchronised swimming in the river 02.03.2013
Kampot's famous durian traffic circle 02.03.2013
Kampot, Cambodia 02.03.2013
Our lovely 3-walled floating bungalow 27.02.2013
Hanging out at the Royal Palace 25.02.2013
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 25.02.2013
Mum squeezing juice out of grated taro root 25.02.2013
Jo imitates a topiary teapot at the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh 23.02.2013
Chef Bunting masters another Cambodian classic 21.02.2013
Ep and Jo at Angkor Wat 19.02.2013
Jo and a tree at Preah Khan 19.02.2013
Cocktails and amuse bouche - it's a hard life! 19.02.2013
Siem Reap, Cambodia 19.02.2013
It's a cliche, sunrise at Angkor Wat 16.02.2013
Picking Mum up from Siem Reap airport 15.02.2013
Chef Jo is pleased with her culinary creations 14.02.2013
Disturbing/hilarious (and life-size!) painting on our wall 13.02.2013
Kratie, Cambodia 13.02.2013
Is that a kitten in your pocket, or are you just pleased to 13.02.2013
Excellent tiny playfully kittens 13.02.2013
Welcome drinks and snacks at our hotel in Siem Reap 13.02.2013
Drinking BeerLaos in Laos 11.02.2013
The Beer of Laos 11.02.2013
Top 5 bike rides of SE Asia 10.02.2013
Don Det, Laos 06.02.2013
Impressive Khone Phapheng falls 06.02.2013
Jo kayaking and looking for Irrawaddy dolphins 06.02.2013
Erin admires Mekong waterfalls 04.02.2013
What is this for? Mysterious structures on Mekong rapids 04.02.2013
Erin polishes her backgammon skills 03.02.2013
Sunset on Don Det Island 01.02.2013
Jo with the crocodile sacrificial stone at Wat Phou 31.01.2013
Erin cycles past the pointless Champasak roundabout 31.01.2013
Champasak, Laos 31.01.2013
Standing on a massive sculpture 30.01.2013
Vientiane, Laos 29.01.2013
Sleeper bus to Vientiane - bunk beds and disco lights! 28.01.2013
Phonsavan, Laos 27.01.2013
Erin exploring Phonsavan by bicycle 27.01.2013
Crazy, unexplained jars in Phonsavan - solid stone! 26.01.2013
Luang Prabang, Laos 26.01.2013
Erin tackles the rickety bamboo bridge, dry season only 24.01.2013
Monks collecting alms at dawn in Luang Prabang 24.01.2013
While cooking Lao cuisine Jo is a bit deranged 23.01.2013
Cooking chicken stuffed in lemongrass 23.01.2013
But some nice views of the Mekong 21.01.2013
The Gibbon Experience group photo 21.01.2013
Cramped quarters on the way to Luang Prabang 21.01.2013
Huay Xai, Laos 21.01.2013
Jo in her favourite beer vest 20.01.2013
The Beer of Thailand 20.01.2013
Erin zips through the jungle canopy 19.01.2013
View from the treehouse toilet (40m up) 19.01.2013
Jo launches from the zip platform 19.01.2013
Chiang Rai, Thailand 15.01.2013
Jo makes a bamboo cup with a jungle knife 14.01.2013
Erin learns the ancient art of stick flinging 14.01.2013
Camping in the jungle 14.01.2013
Birthday beer - first of many... 11.01.2013
Khun Korn Waterfall (after a long uphill cycle) 11.01.2013
The Amazing White Temple at Chiang Rai 11.01.2013
Getting up close with a lovely elephant 10.01.2013
Baby elephant post mud bath! 10.01.2013
Chiang Mai, Thailand 10.01.2013
Cooking course day 5: Dishes 27 & 28 08.01.2013
Cooking course day 4: Dish 20 of 30 07.01.2013
Cooking course day 3: Dishes 14 - 16 06.01.2013
Cooking course day 2: Dishes 9 & 10 of 30 05.01.2013
Cooking course day 1: Dish 1 of 30 04.01.2013
Bangkok, Thailand 01.01.2013
... But there was beer! 01.01.2013
Happy New Year from Bangkok 31.12.2012
It was crazy busy... 31.12.2012
Grand Palace, Bangkok 30.12.2012
Jo admiring the gold! 30.12.2012
Hanging out on the Khao San Road with Anne-marie 30.12.2012
Merry Christmas from Buddhist Thailand 28.12.2012
Trekking in Khao Sok (leech free) 26.12.2012
Khao Sok National Park, Thailand 26.12.2012
Enjoying a Christmas Day beer 26.12.2012
Beautiful Cheow Larn lake, Xmas day 26.12.2012
Happy Christmas from Thailand 24.12.2012
Partying in Koh Lanta 24.12.2012
Relaxing in Koh Lanta 24.12.2012
Jungle trek - Jo enjoys lunch 24.12.2012
Jo relaxes at Fisherman's Cottage 19.12.2012
Ko Lanta, Thailand 18.12.2012
Pat & the little people - in a cave in Thailand 18.12.2012
Jo risks Thai peroxide... 18.12.2012
Ko Lanta sunset surprises Jo 14.12.2012
I've shaved my head... 13.12.2012
... well just half of it 13.12.2012
Ko Lipe, Thailand 11.12.2012
Sunset on Ko Lipe 11.12.2012
Beer in Malyasia 11.12.2012
Tiger Beer in Malaysia (plus a 3-week old kitten) 11.12.2012
Very big, friendly and soft stingray 06.12.2012
Put your hands in the air like you just don't care 06.12.2012
Langkawi, Malaysia 06.12.2012
Pregnant Maiden ("bunting") Nature Park 05.12.2012
Struggling on in Langkawi 05.12.2012
Penang shop house 02.12.2012
Old George Town 02.12.2012
Temples and colonial mansions 02.12.2012
Pineapple curry, Penang 02.12.2012
George Town, Penang, Malaysia 02.12.2012
The culinary journey so far... 28.11.2012
Boh tea plantation, Cameron Highlands 27.11.2012
Pitcher plant in the mossy forest 27.11.2012
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 27.11.2012
Beer in Singapore 27.11.2012
Tiger beer at the Singapore food market 27.11.2012
Singapore Sling 25.11.2012
Singapore II 25.11.2012
Char Kway Teow - yum! 21.11.2012
Omar the white tiger 21.11.2012
Singapore 21.11.2012
Gardens by the bay 21.11.2012
San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Light 21.11.2012
Beer in the Philippines 21.11.2012
Bohol's Chocolate Hills 18.11.2012
Panglao Island, Bohol 18.11.2012
Julie & Paul at the Chocolate Hills 16.11.2012
Metamorphosis! 16.11.2012
Tarsier - the littlest alien 16.11.2012
Holding honey bees in Bohol 15.11.2012
Sacrificing myself for free Wi fi 15.11.2012
A very blue church in Puerta 15.11.2012
Sabang to Bohol 15.11.2012
Adorable pink kitten 11.11.2012
Sabang (78km north of Puerta Princesa) 11.11.2012
Jo exploring hard! 09.11.2012
Enjoying an afternoon beer on the boat 09.11.2012
Our motley crew 09.11.2012
Coron to El Nido 09.11.2012
Jo enjoys the view from our hotel room 03.11.2012
Coron Town, Busuanga 03.11.2012
Erin playing Star Wars in the Intramuros 31.10.2012
Giant relief map of the Philippines 31.10.2012
Manila 31.10.2012
Breakfast in Manila 30.10.2012
Last supper with Alvin and Fran 28.10.2012
An uncanny likeness! 26.10.2012
A wee side trip to Inverness 26.10.2012
Erin and Jo are homeless and excited! 21.10.2012
Just eight days to go 21.10.2012